Selma Drawings, Quincy Owens

Throughout the month of August, Hank and Dolly’s Gallery presents Selma Drawings by Quincy Owens. 20360333409_95937e104f_k Inspired by a trip to Selma, Alabama, here is what Owens had to say about this body of work: “I drove to Selma, Alabama, earlier this year with my family. It was such a powerful experience to be in the same place as so many others willing to die for their civil rights; something too many of us take for granted in this modern time. The death of one, the hospitalization of over 50, and the suffering of so many others leading up to this momentous event is something that should never be forgotten. These people are heroes and a symbol of true activism as we continually look to move forward as a society striving to be great."20359037128_6c6bfdf0b9_k “These drawings are intentionally stark and heavily contrasted. Also, they were drawn only with fingers and raw graphite powder. No pencils or erasers were used. Much like the protesters who gathered multiple times to achieve their ultimate goal, these drawings are meant to capture the power of that moment in time.”