33475880060_0a12c34526_h Burst of Spring, Jed Dorsey

April 10 was National Siblings Day. At the Harrison Center, we are celebrating all month long with the show "Blossoming," by sibling painters Jed Dorsey and April Nelson. Hailing from a family of artists (great-grandmother and famed illustrator Fanny Cory, painter parents Jack Dorsey and Ann Cory, and brother and painter Jason Dorsey), Dorsey and Nelson certainly hold their own. This show was something of a stretch for Dorsey, who is primarily a landscape painter. Both the change in subject matter and finding inspiration for floral paintings during Indiana winter, were challenges, but ones that he enjoyed. He explained that his sister lives on a beautiful farm in Washington State with breathtaking views at every turn and no shortage of inspiration from the natural environment.


Summer's Gifts, April Nelson

While they were separated by many miles during most of the preparation for this show, they were able to connect, sending images of works in progress for feedback. Dorsey said that he values his sister's input particularly, adding that he feels she is the most naturally gifted artist in his family of painters.

Stop by the Gallery Annex during the month of April and enjoy the fresh, colorful work of this talented brother and sister team. The work hangs through April 28.

Gallery hours: Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 or by appointment.