Musings of a High School State Fair Foodie


When most people attend the Indiana state fair, they tend to stick with the more pedestrian food choices such as corn dogs, pork tenderloins, turkey legs, gyros, funnel cakes, elephant ears, and ice-cream accompanied by lemonade or a basic fountain drink. Now mixed in with the normal fair visitors, there is an elite, brave group of people known as "Fair Foodies" who venture away from the standard food choices  and partake of new food creations. Among these foods are the notorious doughnut burger, which features a well grilled burger between a halved Krispy Kreme doughnut, tantalizing your taste buds with the combinations of sweet and salty along with smoky and caramelized. ( I suggest a drizzle of bbq sauce to tie the whole sandwich in a bow.) This sandwich can be found at the Redneck Burgers stand. Then there's the new Ramen Noodle, (I have yet to try this) which features, once again, a well-cooked burger with Ramen on top, adding another level of saltiness to the already well-seasoned burger. (Location of this burger is unknown to me).

fair - redneck burgers

If you are looking a different type of dessert, you can go back to the Redneck Burgers stand and order the ice-cream burger which features... you guessed it, a dollop of ice-cream in place of mayo. But if you aren't in the mood for another burger, then you can try the bacon-glazed doughnut bites, which are amazing. Sweet and salty is always a go-to flavor combination to search for at the fair. Venturing out and tasting new foods or food combinations is an amazing way to diversify yourself and your palate as well. In the words of my favorite food TV personality, Andrew Zimmerman from Bizarre Foods, "If it looks good, eat it!"