Still Life

Good things are always happening in the artist studios at the Harrison Center but every now and then we come across something that makes us smile even bigger. Alicia Zanoni has been hosting a still life paint out in her studio and it's been attended by both Harrison Center artists as well as other Indy artists. It's a diverse mix of people, too. Some artists attending have been painting for 30 years and some of them are just out of school. It all started when Alicia realized how much time she spent painting alone in her studio. Knowing that others did the same thing, she put out an invitation and it was well received. IMG_9394

The still life sessions in her studio aren't limited to painting. Artists have also been sketching, drawing, and using markers and pastels. Jessica Green, who will have a show in the City Gallery in August, took on the task of setting up the latest display. HCA curator Kyle Ragsdale says "she spent a lot of time setting up a complicated and thoughtful arrangement of light, shadow and translucency." Alicia enjoys having the company in her studio. The artists set their easels in a half circle and often take breaks to walk around to see each other's perspectives, share techniques and raise the bar for each other.


Alicia is hoping to keep the painting sessions going monthly, rotating who creates the display. She is creating an environment in her studio that is connecting people to work with others they might not know. "Although still life might not be your thing, it gives you skills working in color, shadow and space" according to Kyle Ragsdale.


We're looking forward to hearing and seeing more from this talented group!