Stitched: New Fiber Work by Tasha Lewis


“If there is an axis around which all this work revolves it would be texture,” sculptor Tasha Lewis explained. “I love the way fiber is inherently touchable, and it provides the perfect ground for even more layers of soft or hard elements to be added on top.”

This month Gallery No. 2 presents Stitched: New Fiber Work by Tasha Lewis.


Lewis grew in Indianapolis, and as a child she was always driven to make art. She left home to attend college at Swarthmore—a small liberal arts school just outside of Philadelphia—where she studied studio art and English literature. After graduating in 2012, she promptly moved back to Indianapolis and began creating new sculptures.

“After my first solo show at the Harrison Center in January of 2013, I really felt like I had developed a cohesive body of work,” she said. “I have been working as a full time sculptor ever since.”


Lewis’s work, which originates in a combination of photography, texture, layer, and whimsical forms, stems from a love for the dynamic versatility of fiber. Her forms depict a wide range of inspirations that originate in everything from Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, to Egyptian Canopic jars.

“The work in this show is a bit of a survey of my current experiments,” Lewis explained. “Much of the work has elements of cyanotype, but increasingly I am exploring how to create these fiber sculptures with found fabric and more embroidery than photography.”

Tasha Lewis’s work hangs in Gallery No. 2 until September 25th.