Structures Future Past


This month in the City Gallery you can find new work by HCA artist Quincy Owens. Owens is taking a different approach to place-based art, inspired by the upcoming Pre-Enactment Theater project taking place on 16th St. later this year. He has been inspired to explore the concept of creating the perfect neighborhood. "Utopia is the dream. A perfect place. Historically, there have been attempts at an ideal society. In our modern culture, I fear many people would believe it to be an impossibility. I, however, do not." says Owens.  His new work embodies this exploration through four different series of work: "Slate", "Blue Prints", "Niceties Reminders" and "Warm Walls."

"Slate" is an installation consisting of a floor-mounted wall piece containing individual pieces of reclaimed roofing slate. The compartments that hold the slate are a metaphor for keeping the diverse needs of the individual among a group in mind while creating a master plan. While deceptively similar, each piece of slate has quite unique characteristics that should, instead of being lost, be recognized.

"Blue Prints" is a series that explores how minimally a neighborhood can be affected by two simple principals: color and line.


The "Niceties Reminders" are a riff on vintage signage while also being used the way protesters use posters and visuals to convey a message. The message these signs convey is that it is "ok" to embrace midwestern modesty. "Midwestern Modesty is synonymous with Hoosier Hospitality. Two of the key traits I see within this geographic are humility and kindness. These are wonderful traits that are sometimes viewed negatively."


"Warm Walls" is a light sculpture that combines the artist's playfulness as an art medium. Meant to be viewed as floor lamps, these light works emanate warm tones which are used  to create a pleasurably inviting and comfortable setting. Owens sees these light sculptures as relevant in pre-enacting a neighborhood, as light is symbolic of so many things relevant to a healthy, thriving community. "Light embodies thoughts, ideas, hopes, dreams, truth, justice, security, knowledge and awareness. It lights the dark path. it warms the cold soul."

Be sure to stop by the City Gallery this Friday, February 3rd from 6-9pm.