Studio Dogs of the Harrison Center

Meet Bo Randal, artist Allison Ford’s one-year-old Australian Shepherd mix. Bo is just one of the many Studio Dogs that frequents the Harrison Center.

How did Bo Randal get his name?

A three-year-old Margot Ford came up with the name. We have no idea where it came from. All we know is that it is hilarious, and very Margot. Fun fact: there was a famous knife craftsman during the 1900s named Bo Randall. Probably no relation, but knowing Margot, you can never say.

Why do you bring Bo Randall to the studio?

Bo Randal likes meeting new people, and he gets lonely being home by himself all day long.

Do you think Bo affects your creative process?

In the studio, Bo acts more as one of the kids than some kind of fuzzy muse. However, his puppy antics do keep you smiling, so who’s to say that there’s no affect.

What does Bo think about studio time?

He enjoys being in a new place. It helps stimulate his brain. He loves running around the courtyard, and losing his tennis ball under the table every 30 seconds.

What’s your best Studio Dog moment?

It’s really just fun to see him rolling around on the floor with one-year-old Audrey..

Allison Ford is a long time jewelry maker here at the Harrison Center. Each piece is handmade, starting with a block of wood and a sheet of metal. She creates rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and even hats. Come see her work at the next open studio night, and get a statement piece of your own.

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