Studio Dogs of the Harrison Center Pt.2

Meet Gable, Chad Campbell’s Bully mix, in our second installment of Studio Dogs.How did your dog get its name?

Gable is the named after Olympian and Iowa University wrestling coach Dan Gable--Chad’s favorite wrestling coach. Campbell says that Gable the dog and Dan Gable are very similar. They are both incredibly kind individuals, but they have a vicious side. For Dan Gable, it comes out in the ring, and for Gable, it comes out in defense of young children.

Why do you bring Gable to the studio?

Something unique about Gable is that he lives at the Harrison Center. Chad Campbell’s studio doubles as his apartment, so all time is studio time.

Do you think your dog affects your creative process?

No. Well actually, yes. It’s very important for artists to have someone they can bounce ideas off of, even if that someone can’t talk. Speaking aloud just helps you to process thoughts. Gable acts as Campbell’s constant studio companion, who always keeps him company while he’s working.

Do you think your dog enjoys studio time?

Not especially, but the only reason is because when Campbell is creating art, he’s not paying Gable enough attention. At least not enough for Gable’s standards. Gable does however love open studio nights. He absolutely adores little kids, so having so many around on open studio nights makes him really happy.

What’s your best studio dog moment?

There used to be three little girls who would always come visit Gable on open studio nights. One would wrap her arms around his neck, another around his middle, and another around his haunches. Many dogs would hate having a bunch of little kids smothering them, but for Gable it's heaven.

Chad Campbell, Gable’s artist, works mostly with reclaimed wood, copper wire, and repurposed appliance scraps. His sculptures look great in living rooms, home offices, and conference rooms. Come see Chad Campbell’s work on display in the basement every first Friday, and give Gable a much deserved belly rub.

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