Summer Interns- "Big Mike" Williams

As the temperature rises and the days get longer, the Harrison Center for the Arts welcomes a new set of interns, each of them given the opportunity to express their ideas in a specific area that catches their eye. Throughout the summer, we will be introducing each intern through these very blog posts. While we get to know who they are, we will also learn what brought them to the Harrison Center.

Today we are introducing a familiar face, Michael “Big Mike” Williams, who is using his musical talents to tell stories of community with the hopes of bringing people together.

The Harrison Center has become a second home forMichael “Big Mike” Williams ever since his freshman year at Herron High School. It all started with a conversation with a former Herron teacher and an interview with Joanna Taft, then ended with Big Mike being welcomed with open arms into the Harrison Center community. Ever since that point in time, Big Mike has found a way to incorporate his musical expertise into various projects surrounding the Harrison Center. Currently, Mike is creating a song about the stretch of IndyGo bus route #5 that runs through the Monon 16 area. This is part of a larger Harrison Center project, Pre-Enactment Theater, which aims to reimagine Monon 16 as it ought to be. Music isn’t just an internship for Big Mike, it’s also his passion. He actively listens to a variety of artists, including Nas and Tribe Called Quest. Other than music, Big Mike also enjoys watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The Flash, and Full House.

Big Mike has proven to be a passionate and helpful individual in all areas of life. During this summer, it is Big Mike’s goal to “find a common ground between people” and help create an air of diversity to add to his and other’s lives. The sense of community that Big Mike has found here is one of his favorite things about interning at the Harrison Center, along with the ability to get along with his fellow interns and patrons of this establishment.

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Big Mike has plenty of stories to tell about where he grew up and his experience at Herron High School before going off to college in the fall. Big Mike has the aura that brings positivity and optimism to everyone that encounters him in and outside of the Harrison Center.

Bonus Questions:

1) Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized elephants or 1 elephant sized duck? Why?

“I’d take the duck sized elephants home and treat them like pets…elephants are cute when they are not trying to crush you.”

2) What’s your favorite and least favorite food?

“I love pizza, I could eat it all the time…”

“I can’t stand lima beans, I would always ask, 'Could we do green beans instead?'”