TeenWorks at the HCA


The mission of TeenWorks is to empower teens to achieve excellence in college, career and community. This summer, the Harrison Center is partnering with Herron Morton Place Neighborhood Association, Old Northside Neighborhood Association and Herron High School to share a team for six weeks.  We have been hosting a lively group of teens and we are enjoying every minute of it! The kids have been a great help to us as they have happily labeled and stamped postcards for our monthly exhibits. You may also have spotted them on our neighborhood streets with brooms and shovels in hand as they have been cleaning the streets and sidewalks as well.


In addition to our postcard mailing crew, Leondre Burgess  was granted the TeenWorks Transitions internship and, for six weeks, is calling the Harrison Center home. Leondre is the choreographer on a special project that involves a paint-by-dancing technique (think bubble-wrapped feet and spray bottles of paint) to artistically embellish several thousand envelopes for our annual mailing. The project even has its own original song written by Brandon Lott, a former Harrison Center intern turned TeenWorks leader. If you aren't on our mailing list and want to see the finished envelope, send us your mailing address here or, better yet, come to First Friday and sign up to get one.