The End of the Universe

29297495192_b159e1c795_h Thursday is your last chance to see The Universal Anthology and artist Kipp Normand together in the same space. There is much to look at when you step into the Harrison Gallery, but it's even better when paired with Normand's colorful backstories. And, of course, there is still work available for purchase!

Untitled design (6)

Inside the Universal Anthology you will see treasures of all kinds, culled from  Normand's expansive trove. Arranged in collage and assemblage form, he has been saving some of the pieces for years for just the right moment. Well, that time has arrived, so if you missed the opening while you were out and about on First Friday, don't miss this opportunity to attend the closing reception. The gallery will be open from 5-7pm and Kipp promises cookies and "strange old music."