The Media Cave!


The Harrison Center is more than a patron of paintings. Behind the back wall of the renovated Speck Gallery, where organ pipes were once stored, lies two music and video studios, the Sound Cave and the Media Cave. Here promotional videos are made, urban hip-hop operas are created (Hip-Hoperetta), and countless hours are spent editing. Most recently, the video interns created an introduction video for Pre-Enactment Theatre, an innovative arts initiative hoping to revitalize the Monon 16 neighborhood through theater. Here is Charlie Sorrells', video intern, take on working in the Media Cave.

"The Media Cave is where video interns edit, write, and design projects. Using up-to-date editing software, we are able to efficiently edit videos for the Harrison Center. As interns, we have access to useful equipment such as drones, GoPro, and DSLR cameras that allow us to display high definition images which make our videos look professional. Currently, we are working on a documentary that follows an artist and their journey towards their gallery opening.

Our projects impact the community because we're able to show people what happens at the Harrison Center through the easiest and most enjoyable method--which, in my opinion, is video. You can watch it at home, on the bus, in the office, wherever you want. We have them all on the Harrison Center Vimeo page, and they're easily accessible."

You can find the video interns scattered throughout First Friday, filming exhibits and events, on a regular basis. Stay updated on the video interns and their adventures in the Media Cave here .

As Charlie mentioned, the video projects are meant to engage and inform the community. As such, we'd love to hear your feedback! Please direct responses to .

How would you like to see the Media Cave used?

Is there someone in this community, perhaps yourself, with a story to tell?

What sorts of projects would you like to see created?

Are you interested in pursuing a media internship with HCA?