The Myler Family in Fall Creek Place

A brief Q & A with Fall Creek Place residents Drew & Renate Myler. What initially brought you guys to Indianapolis?

The short answer: cost of living, and proximity to family. With family in St. Louis and Muncie, Indianapolis seemed like a good fit — though I (Drew) knew nothing about the city prior to our move. After a few house hunting trips, we bought a house in Broad Ripple. After nearly five years, we moved to Fall Creek Place in February 2014.


What are your favorite things about the city?

We’re big fans of the exploding food scene in Indy (Black Market, Bluebeard, Shoefly, Rook, Tinker Street…), the Cultural Trail, the Canal, the Central Library, and all the cultural institutions in the city. There are also several parks within walking distance from our house. Our whole family loves that the city is part of our daily routine.

There are also great schools downtown, and we’re so grateful The Oaks Academy, where our kids attend school, is among them.

Tell us about your recent move to Fall Creek Place.

There are loads of kids! We were surprised to realize there are more young families living in Fall Creek Place than in our former Broad Ripple neighborhood. More families will move to our block this year, so we’re happy that our kids will have playmates on the street.


Would you mind sharing some wisdom on living in urban Indianapolis?

I feel safe here, and we use the same precautions we took in Broad Ripple. It helps to be community-minded, to attend the annual block party or go to a neighborhood watch meeting. Meet your neighbors. Our realtor told us he’d met most of his neighbors by sitting on his front porch during summer evenings. I like the sound of that approach.