The Shadow - Three days at the Harrison Center

DSC_0051-1 While working at the Harrison Center I was constantly surrounded by the city, art, and creative people. Being an aspiring artist, photographer, or creator of some sort it was the perfect place for me -- I was in my element. I didn’t realize before my job shadow that such enjoyable people to meet and things to do were waiting for me there.



Upon my arrival I was given a lovely tour of the building and a short history. The Center, being an old church with an annexed building, has antique charm while the newer parts contain a more modern spin. It’s the perfect hub for creativity and culture to grow. Later I was given my first job to photograph the newest show that was on display in one of the galleries for the Harrison Center’s Instagram. That was the perfect job for me.




In the gallery were Tasha Lewis’s navy- blue cyanotype sculptures all gorgeous fabric and paper creatures, and all of which were so unique that I wanted to take them home with me. As well as working with photos of the gallery and helping out with other small jobs, I was able to meet with some wonderfully creative artists and check out all of their unique studios.

DSC_0170Jason Dorsey

DSC_0173Susan Hodgin

I met with a number of artists and was able to hear about each of their different stories and backgrounds and also talk to them about their work. Each artist was so unique in his or her own way, all of their art reflecting that. I could see that each piece was an expression of parts of their personality or thoughts or moments they had experienced throughout their lives. I was able to learn about Jason Dorsey’s background and how his childhood was surrounded by art and how he came to learn about his talent with watercolor. I also was able to hear Jeannine Allen explain how she shows the energy that occurs between two primary colors through her paintings. I learned that art has no true boundaries or limitations, whether its abstract painting or realism each has an expressive meaning.

During my time at the Harrison Center I was able to learn other things as well. For example how much time and energy it takes to run a city art gallery. Sitting through meetings and working to upload numerous photos and sending many emails caused me to realize the patience and motivation you’ve got to have. I also learned other little tid- bits about different styles of art. I found out in Carolyn Springer’s studio that beeswax can be used as a painting medium.

DSC_0177Carolyn Springer

I really enjoyed the time I spent at the Harrison Center, I didn’t expect job shadowing to be so fun. My experience here was a great one, filled with lots of encouragement, new faces, new inspiration, and of course, wonderful art.

By: Claire Toon                                                                                                                                                Junior at Heritage Christian School