The Significant in the INsignificant

  Ragsdale - Studio Visit

Kyle Ragsdale is drawing on Indiana’s history to create a new cast of characters for his show, INsignificant, opening this month in the Harrison Gallery.

Ragsdale Multi

In focusing on the state’s early history, Kyle is giving stories to the insignificant - the people who witnessed the big and small moments. Those making our state what it is are the stars of this new series. The people who populate Kyle’s most recent paintings came from the pages of multiple books and volumes on life in Indiana’s formative years. While we may not know who they are, they are given new life through Kyle’s paintings.

Ragsdale Green

Earlier this year, while researching and creating new work for another show celebrating Indiana’s bicentennial, Kyle concentrated on more iconic and well known Indiana characters and found himself continuing to devour the stories, developing them into the paintings that would comprise INsignificant.

Ragsdale Glitter

Kyle’s figurative paintings will be featured, but INsignificant will also include a mix of drawings, mono prints, and collage. Be on the look for Kyle’s use of a newer, brighter, psychedelic color palette, and of course, GLITTER!