The Sounds of Seniors

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soundcave2 copy

Max Maurer and Paysen Cole are the latest duo of Herron High School seniors to enter the sound cave in the morning and emerge having put some finishing touches on a piece of work.  With their stealth-like skills, they have managed to elude me sitting down to interview them at the same time so consider this the first part of a two-part interview starting with Max.

Me: You're both sound interns. What are you working on? What was the inspiration?

Max: Lately I've been more enamored with the grittiness and richness that a lo-fi sound comes with so I'm starting to explore that a little more than I have in the past. A little bit ago, Paysen made me a mixtape with a lot of low-tempo, sad lo-fi songs on it; that (the tape) has motivated me to go back into the discographies of some bands I hadn't listened to in a while: Walter TV, Pill Wonder, (perhaps even a little) Dinosaur Jr. Operating within this sound-realm, we've been playing around with some more pop-sensible ideas & trying to find more creative ways to tie in the city. It's been really fun!

Me: Are you collaborating or working independently?

Max: Everything we've done has been collaborative!

Me: How has having an internship at the HCA impacted you?

Max: Being a senior in high school, it's very hard for me to find extended or reliable sections of time--between regular school work, college application work, and my job--to work on music like I had been during summers or in previous years. The internship period this year has given me a secure time slot and space to collaborate and be creative that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise. (I also made really great friend in Paysen because of the internship!)

Me: Tell me 2 things that make you laugh (like spit milk out of your nose laugh) ?

Max: I am a proud member of the Netflix generation so, naturally, two things (two shows) that make me laugh are 'Broad City' and 'Arrested Development'.  :)

Keep your eyes peeled for part deux.