The Sounds of Seniors: Part Deux


Look no further because the time has come, Paysen Cole has entered the building. Not really, the stealth-like ability is ridiculous. I emailed the interns the same set of interview questions and it’s no secret that these two have been working along side one another for some time. Check out what Paysen had to say in the second part of my interview.

Me: What are you working on? What was your inspiration?

Paysen: We've been working on more ambient lo-fi things lately. I've pulled a lot of inspiration from artists like Karen O, Alvvays, and Slowdive.

Me: Are you collaborating or working independently?

Paysen: We collaborate on mostly everything, but we both have an independent project to work on in case the other can't make it.

Me: How has having an internship at the HCA impacted you?

Paysen: It has taught me a lot about music theory and collaboration and using more elaborate programs. I'm a very independent person, so getting used to collaborating was tough at first, but I'm glad I've built up that skill.

Me: Tell me 2 things that make you laugh (like spit milk out of your nose laugh)?

Paysen: The Office is my favorite TV show and that never fails to make me laugh. Another thing that never fails to make me laugh is, as cheesy as this is; my friends always make me smile without fail.

Now close your eyes and begin to wonder about ambient lo-fi sounds.