The Three Stooges

Untitled design (2) Not really, these guys are far from the physical farce and slapstick comedy from back in the day. The funny trio of Thulani Smith, Eli House and Eli Hasper are video interns this year at the Harrison Center and together they are making some great ideas come to life. They can be seen around the Harrison Center with GoPro cameras strapped to their heads or flying a drone. We decided it was time to turn the camera around and find out more about what gets the gears turning for these three. They have been knocking out projects all year, but one day they decided they wanted a project that they could work on every day. Inspired by the Humans of New York, they thought it would be fun to recreate the idea and start #HumansofHCA. Spotlighting artists and staff of the Harrison Center, they wanted to give the humans an outlet to tell stories that they may or may not get to tell in everyday circumstances.

This experience has given these three guys a glimpse into the working life of professional artists. At Herron High School, they've learned that artists see things differently and now they've seen it first hand and have a relationship with the artists in the building. One thing that has surprised the trio has been hearing the back stories of  the people they've interviewed and how they became part of the community of the Harrison Center for the Arts. Stay tuned, these three are doing good work.