Three Days at the Harrison Center


While interning at the Harrison Center this year, I was able to exercise my artistic ability a bit more than the previous year.  After the first two days of my internship week, we were snowed out by this winter’s “polar vortex.” I was almost driven mad by cabin fever - ready to get out of the house and actually do something constructive. Being interested in pursuing an illustration degree, this week I was really focused on acquiring illustration experience. Mrs. Taft, the Executive Director, offered me a project in which I would illustrate the HCA’s staff members for their website and blog.


Pam Allee: Arts Coordinator



Kyle Ragsdale: Curator



Joanna Taft: Executive Director



Emily Vanest: City Gallery Coordinator


Creating each piece was so fun. First, I decided to simply draw each portrait in graphite and then add washes of color to give the portraits more life and artistic voice. I added light blushed tones to cheeks and little tints of color to hair.

After two days of drawing and painting, I was able to roam the rest of the Harrison Center with my camera. I photographed all the new artwork and all my favorite pieces that were scattered across the building.


gallery 2

I really enjoy these manly images by Polina Osherov in her exhibit “Beyond the Beard ."  These photographs depict different male subjects and the contents of their wallets.




The color and impressionistic painting style of the clouds and the flowery field in this painting “They Let Them Grow” by Andrey Yakovlevich Sichuga makes me feel so happy. I also love how one can see Indianapolis along the horizon.




I also adore this blanket fort looking painting titled “Between the Sheets” by Andrey Yakovlevich Sichuga. The floral fabric gives it a sense of girly happiness and playfulness.


I think this painting by Andrey Yakovlevich Sichuga named “Winter Nights“ is just amazing as well. The contrast and sharp detail seen in the small expressive strokes actually makes me feel like I am outside in the crisp cold snow.



Every time I come to the Harrison Center I always notice of one of Bobby Gilbreath’s paintings. The organic nature they contain just fascinates me. I really enjoy how the gold, greens, and blacks create a sharp contrast within the piece.



While roaming my way around the top floor I took a moment to photograph my favorite corner in the building located right next to Kyle Ragsdale’s studio. I love the bright light that streams in from the windows and the added warmth the plant life brings to the hallway. The art hanging out there is always gorgeous as well.

Every time I view the new exhibits and new pieces hanging up in the hallways I am always more inspired than the last. Inspired to grow in my technical skills and style, inspired to take new approaches in my art, inspired to try new techniques, and inspired to see things in a different way. Whenever I come to this building, whether it be an event or a simple visit, I always feel so proud to be an artist. It reminds me that I am not alone in my pursuit to create beauty and live a creative life. My second experience working at the Harrison Center was wonderful. I loved being able to paint, draw, and create while being encouraged by the great creativity and expression surrounding me.

Claire Toon, Senior at Heritage Christian School