Tinker Street Date Night


For those of you who don’t know, 16th Street is alive and kicking. Just last week my wife and I were itching for a night out on the town and we were both delighted when we realized that 16th Street (a street that for years has been in need of some attention) was the first destination that came to mind!

We wanted to make our date night special, so we threw on our Sunday best and made our way down Central Ave. from our Mapleton Fall Creek home to the one and only Tinker Street.

Tinker Street, a small eatery located on the Northeast corner of 16th Street and New Jersey, is quickly becoming the taste of the town. The dining experience begins as you approach the quaint, repurposed building. The first thing you’ll notice is the festive patio off the main brick building.


As you approach the host table, you’ll be greeted by the friendly staff and escorted to your table. (My wife and I chose a table on the outskirts of the patio.) Once seated, your server will offer a sample of Prosecco and explain the specials for the evening as you nurse the delightfully dry, sparkling wine. I ordered the sirloin, which was adorned with sweet corn, oyster mushrooms, blackberries, and tomatoes, and my wife enjoyed the chicken breast paired with a squash curry, yogurt, and cherry tomatoes. As our meals were cooked under the supervision of Chef Braedon Kellner, we enjoyed the rustic urban environment and prepared our palates for the culinary adventure ahead!

To sum up our evening, the food was wonderful, our roasted sweet corn sundae following our meal was exceptional, and our desire for an authentically urban culinary experience was satisfied. We left thankful for people like Tinker Street owners Peter George and Tom Main, and their desire to see Indy’s downtown community thrive.