Toujours, Pas Encore by Quincy Owens and Luke Crawley

“When you truly see color for the first time,” artist Quincy Owens said, “it changes everything.”


Throughout the month of July, Quincy Owens and Luke Crawley, a dynamic artistic duo enamored by the intricacies and physics of light, presents Toujous, Pas Encore (always, not yet). “The show serves as a continuation in Luke’s and my fascination with light,” said Owens, “but this is the first time that the lights themselves will constitute the sculptures.”


Toujous, Pas Encore is Owens and Crawley’s next stepping-stone in a year that has been centered mainly on experimentation. “Luke and I have always been about playing with different materials, everything from different colored plastics, to LEDs,” Owens explained. “A lot of that experimentation has led us to this installation-based show.”

Owens and Crawley, whose sculptures are on display at White River State Park, hope that this new addition to their work will give their viewers a new perspective on light, and bring them into an understanding that we are perpetually caught in “the middle.” The work of these two will illuminate what has always been there, but is also is yet to be.

Toujous, Pas Encore hangs in Gallery No. 2 throughout the month of July.