Urban Artists Make Move to City

A prophet may not be welcomed in his hometown but thankfully visual artists are welcomed in their own city. And for two Harrison Center for the Arts studio artists this is exactly what occurred.

Kyle Ragsdale and Quincy Owens are established painters. Their work is featured and exhibited around the country. This time, however, the new development by Buckingham Companies, CityWay, is featuring the local work of Ragsdale and Owens.

CityWay's beautiful architecture stretches eight blocks of downtown. The new development will be chock-full of retail, dining, parks, office space, a hotel, and residences. The furnished apartments are where Ragsdale's and Owens' works hang.

Ragsdale creates collections of symbols. His brush strokes are broad and often undefined. His work connects audiences to dreamlike and romantic places. Owens focuses on interaction and dialogue. Imagery and memories from his childhood, specific colors, symbolic shapes, and serigraphic images converge into a visual language able to create a dialogue.

CityWay's furnished apartments provide an opportunity for its residents to have a unique experience. It is an up-close view of local art that makes the Indy art scene very accessible. Plus, it makes one's stay in the CityWay even better.

At the Harrison Center we love that we can facilitate or be a part of the art purchasing experience. We want our Indianapolis citizens to take art to their homes and become regular art patrons.

To learn more about how to buy local art visit our website and come to a First Friday for local art in our four galleries. For information about CityWay visit their website, www.cityway.com.