Urban Gardens - Maren Bell

Gardens give rewards. Whether it's food for a table or flowers for a desk, the return one receives from nurturing the ground is incredible. It's beautiful or it's delicious. Gardens are a cycle of renewal; the gardener gives, the garden takes, the garden gives, the gardener takes. Maren Bell's exhibition, Urban Gardens, premiering in the Main Gallery of the Harrison Center for Arts on October 5 from 5pm-9pm, showcases all encompassing beauties found in a garden. Her paintings connect with viewers not only what gardens can give. Rather she compares them to life. It's how gardens offer a glimpse into the delicacy and beauty of living. Bell writes this about her paintings, "Bringing nature home, planting a seed, growing, tending, hoping, wondering, a developing bounty, bees swarming, eating and distributing seeds, a new cycle, like many, I want to be a part of that. I see my life in the changes of nature, recognize its beauty and want to grasp it, bring it home, box it, and try not to kill it." Gardens appear whimsical but are rooted with intricacies that the human cannot perceive. Relating this idea to how people live and move and grow and change is precisely what Bell does with her paintings.

Urban Gardens at the Harrison Center will focus on two groups of work, paintings and an installation. The paintings include references of geometric design and vertical gardening, combining nature and structure. The installation invites viewers to participate. A structure of urban city space and green spaces is mapped in green and black vinyl tape. Viewers are prompted with imagery of city gardens, farms and green spaces and asked natural or urban imagery. The contradicting of structure and nature come together in the multifaceted way cities are built and people live with different habits and ideas.

Bell's work is an exciting contribution to FoodConIII. Her paintings will hang in the Main Gallery until October 26th.

The Harrison Center for the Arts looks forward to seeing you, your friends, and family here for all the festivities tomorrow evening from 5pm-9pm.