The Most Interesting Store in Indianapolis

VW1 Value World is the most interesting store in Indianapolis. This chain of thrift shops, unique to Indianapolis has four locations, spanning from Fountain Square to 52nd Street.


Inside, the stores are cluttery, and perhaps not the most aesthetically appealing, but they contain an astonishing array of commodities paired with low price tags. Books, clothes from your great-great grandma’s wardrobe, toys, clothes from top name designers, and an assortment of eclectic knick-knacks can all be found on the cluttered shelves.


Most interesting of all though, is the range of people who make their way to the store. There is no one target market, no specific kind of person who peruses the aisles of Value World. All different kinds of people are drawn to the store: the young and the old, the families of seven and the singles, all different styles.


Value World is the most interesting store in Indy because of its variety. You’ll walk in and never see the same things twice, nor will you see any sort of correlation between its contents. The people and the objects that walk through Value World’s doors are all different, and that makes it a fascinating store to visit. Value World is always a surprise, and never fails to expand my wardrobe, or my understanding of the complex diversities of our city.