Waiting & Watching, new work by Kyle Ragsdale


 It's that time of year when we find ourselves waiting and watching for a new body of work from celebrated Indianapolis artist, curator of the Harrison Gallery and HCA studio artist, our own Kyle Ragsdale. "Waiting & Watching" opens this Friday, November 6 with an artist reception from 6 to 9pm.


On entering the Harrison Gallery, viewers will see a marked change in the work Ragsdale has created for this show. He explained that after a year where he experienced a great deal of personal loss, from good friends moving far away to the death of a loved one, he found his work changing to reflect his mood.


While known for his often vibrant color palette, this show is largely comprised of neutral, subdued tones. One is immediately struck by the ominous gray skies, turbulent clouds and people, both alone and in groups, seemingly waiting for something. The subjects find themselves mostly on beaches or in long-abandoned, post-industrial spaces. In some pieces, there is a palpable loneliness in the waiting, while others hint at a hopefulness of something to come.


Still recognizably “Ragsdale,” the paint in many of these new pieces is thicker with more varied texture due to the addition of a cold wax medium that creates a matte appearance. The Victorian figures he has become known for do turn up here, but often in settings of post-industrial Indianapolis—parking lots, abandoned buildings, etc.

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Waiting & Watching is both unexpected and breathtaking. But if it is bold color you crave, fear not. Ragsdale's work in the Gallery Annex, which will include oil paintings, monoprints, oil pastels and charcoal drawings, will not disappoint. This is truly a "don't miss" show. Hope to see you there!

The work hangs through November 27th.