Ways of Seeing

Having God on my Rickshaw - Amarendra Maharana - 36x48inch - Acrylic on Canvas  

Throughout the month of October, Gallery No. 2 presents “Ways of Seeing,” a show made up 36 different pieces, produced by 24 artists from the Indian city of New Delhi, and curated by Harrison Center Fellow, Stefan Eicher.

Eicher, an artist who was born and raised in India, represents the Art for Change Foundation, an organization that seeks to see art shape society with beauty and truth.


“This show is a selection of work we have produced through our residency program over several years,” Eicher explained. “It comes out of the process of taking a second look at issues around us, engaging with them both at the level of ideas and experience, and responding to them as artists.

According to Eicher, this collaborative body of work stems from connections the artists have developed with the problems that surround them. The work itself is a practice in going deeper into the ideas and mindsets that often lie at the root of those problems.


“Our worldviews—our deepest held assumptions about life—affect not only how we see the world, but also what kind of world we create,” Eicher said. “Although these pieces were produced in a specific Indian context, at a deeper level they speak to the viewer’s context with universal themes that affect every culture, and ultimately ask the same question, ‘What does it mean to be human?’”

The Harrison Center for the Arts, in partnership with Redeemer Presbyterian Church, is excited to bring to Gallery No. 2, a show that explores the cultural diversity of humanity, and provides us with new ways of seeing.