Welcome Courtland Blade

We are excited to welcome our newest studio artist Courtland Blade as he gets his studio ready for First Friday. Courtland first heard about the Harrison Center for the Arts in 2011 while he was researching the art scene. He had just finished graduate school in Boston and was heading back to Indianapolis. Since then he has been a part of  group shows and has had a solo show in the City Gallery. Courtland started working on different projects and had looked at studio spaces in the past, but having a home studio kept him from moving in. "I certainly see the value of being in a space and community like the Harrison Center, more so now than I did just a couple of years ago." he says." I said yes to the space that I am in now and I love it, I'm glad I made this choice." courtland head shot

Courtland grew up in Evanston, Illinois just northwest of Chicago,  but was born in Terre Haute IN, where his family is from. "My parents and brothers live here in Indianapolis, my wife is also from here, so that is one of the reasons I ended up moving to Indianapolis." He has been married for 10 years and currently has 3 born children. Courtland is an artist (putting in full time hours) as well as an adjunct faculty member at Ivy Tech CC where he teaches some art appreciation and history classes.