What to See: Current Exhibitions at the IMA

The Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) is host to brilliant and world-renowned pieces of art and cultural history.  As one of the ten oldest and eight largest art museums in the United States, the IMA has built a reputation as a leader of innovation, accessibility, and preservation in the art world.  In addition to the permanent collections, the IMA brings in traveling and new exhibits from both local and international artists. We've listed a few of their current exhibits that you'll want to check out this spring before they end!

Timeless Beauty:  The exhibit explores the portraits of beautiful Japanese women - an art form known as bijinga.  It brings together over a century of these portraits, allowing the audience to compare and contrast what artists thought were characteristics of  beauty throughout the decades.  Timeless Beauty has a few expert-led tours coming up that you won't want to miss on Saturday, March 30 and Thursday, April 25.  The exhibit is free and runs through May 3, 2013.

Something Is: An exhibit by Indianapolis artist, Lauren Zoll, Something Is investigates shape and color through the varying disciplines of painting, video, performance, and installation.  Something Is developed as she began to experiment with the variances of paint as it dried and texturized in her studio.  The videos (documenting her work), paintings, and installation pieces transport the audience back into Zoll's studio as she experiments.  The exhibit is free and hangs through April 14, 2013.

Graphite: The exhibit is unique to Indianapolis, rather the first of its kind.  It explores a decade of graphite art in forms not typically showcased in a major museum, such as sculptures and installations.  Graphite brings together both established and emerging artists to the IMA.  A catalogue of essays, videos, photography, and audio offer the audience a thorough experience of the installation as well.  Graphite has many expert-led tours on the calendar that will allow you to gain a rich insight into the works: March 14, March 19, April 6, May 16, and June 1st.  The exhibit is free and runs through June 2.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art constantly brings in local and international art to the capital city.  So this spring, grab a friend and check out these amazing art exhibits while they're still with us at the IMA.  And it's hard to beat since general admission is free.

For more information about the IMA (hours and directions) visit them online at http://www.imamuseum.org/