Whimsical Wonders

My paintings are surrealistic and dream realm based. I believe in magic and the unseen forces at work behind the scene in life.  I take everyday scenes from nature and transform them into whimsical adventures with playful animal creatures.  I believe we humans have much to learn from animals.

Rabbits are a reoccurring theme that show up in my art. They became my power animal several  years ago when I started seeing and noticing them every where I went. It felt like I was in a Disney movie.   Rabbits have a lot of different meanings and carry rich symbolism for many different cultures.  In addition to their more common meanings of fertility, abundance and good fortune, they symbolize being fearless. They remind me to not allow my fears or anxiety to control me and keep me limited.

My hope and intent is to reconnect the viewer with their sense of child-like wonder, to revisit belief in magic and the power of our imagination. Life is what we create it to be. I would like to create a moment where the stress and mundane details of everyday life are forgotten and one can escape into these adventurous scenes.   Fly away with my winged houses and float into the sunset with balloons as we drift through this cold weather here in Indianapolis.

Whimsical Wonders hangs in Hank & Dolly's Gallery January 5 through 26.