Why is the Library Foundation sponsoring an art show?

This post originally appeared on the Indianapolis Public Library Foundation's website on February 20, 2017. JustinVining_FountainSquare

Why is the Library Foundation sponsoring an art show?

Because the Harrison Center for the Arts – our partner in this venture – is committed to making our city awesome. You know what else makes cities awesome? Libraries.

Libraries give people of all ages a safe place to learn and explore and be inspired. The Library Foundation helps Library branches present programs that matter to the children, teens and adults who use the Library.

In 2017, the Library Foundation is supporting more than $1 million in cultural and community programming for the Library. These programs range from transformative work with immigrants to art workshops at branches in the summer, along with well-loved classical music programs at Central Library and the Meet the Artists exhibit, which gives African-American artists a venue for displaying their works. Also, artists – and writers and scientists and inventors and entrepreneurs – use the Library to do what they do, to learn new things or understand those who have worked before them.

We know that the folks who love art and community are probably folks who love libraries but maybe have forgotten about them. We know that’s easy to do as we can look up so much information on all our devices. But libraries are far more than dusty old card catalogs.

Every day, Library staff engage children and adults in great programs. While at the Harrison Center, you can see these programs in action by visiting the bookmobile, getting advice on what to read next and sitting with your kids (or pretending to be a kid) for story time.

So we’re sponsoring an art show. To support an awesome partner who agrees that one of the reasons Indianapolis is awesome is because of its strong Library and Library Foundation. That’s a story worth telling (and re-telling).

We hope you join us, 6-10 p.m., Friday, March 3, at Harrison Center for the Arts, 1505 N. Delaware Street.