Wild Kingdom


Cheetah, Justin Cooper

This month in the Harrison Gallery you can check out the new show “Wild Kingdom,” a group show featuring work by Emma Overman, Justin Cooper, Geoff Davis, Greg Potter, Nathan Foxton, Candice Hartsough, Kat Silver, Morgan Hauth, Christina Hollering, Matthew Allen, Nathan Foxton and Emma Hall.

Grand Giraffe Pull Toy, Geoff Davis

Stepping into the Harrison Gallery, you're greeted by the sculptures of Geoff Davis, a local Indiana Artisan. Penguin 1 and Penguin 2 are hand carved wood sculptures along with the Giant Giraffe pull toy that he created for the show. You can also see all kinds of other animals on the walls like hippos and seagulls and zebras and flamingos by painter Greg Potter. “Hippos Kill More People Than Sharks” was created after Potter watched a nature documentary with his daughter. He only believed the fact when his daughter confirmed it was something she had learned in school. (For the record: Death by shark: one person per year, on average while hippos take out 2,900 people annually.)

Hippo and Gull, Gregory Potter

Stop by the Harrison Gallery between now and July 28th, Monday through Friday from 9-5pm. It's a zoo in there!