Window Shopping, the HCA Way

ayres window

Can some of us remember an earlier era when around this time of the year kids would jump into the car with their parents to go check out the holiday window displays in town? Or perhaps even further back when store-front windows actually attracted crowds at their holiday festival unveiling, and window displays were staple entertainment best exemplified by the now iconic Macy’s Holiday Display?  Although retail has shifted from the wonder of those large department stores of our parents’ and grandparents’ time, to our ubiquitous malls, and now to the windows of our smart phones, the Harrison Center for the Arts wants to take you on a walk of nostalgia, literally around the outside of its building, to do some old-fashioned window-shopping once again!


The windows in question are the basement windows of Harrison Center’s many subterranean artist studios, which have been transformed by Harrison Center artists into a series of mini store-front window art displays. This coming ‘First Friday’, December 4th, the Harrison Center for the Arts is teaming up with specialty coffee roaster from across the street, Tinker Coffee Co., to put a cup of steaming coffee in your hands and send you on a ‘Holiday Window-Display Walk.’  This short walk around the outside of the building will take you past 25 mini window displays before returning you to the main entrance and the rest of the offerings inside.


Integrated into the walk will also be a special game for kids to play, with the first 100 participants winning a prize made by ArtMix, the organization providing art opportunities to children and adults with disabilities. The window displays stay up for the rest of the month, so come on down, grab the coffee, and do some window-shopping!