Work in Progress


It’s been roughly a week since bright, yellow signs appeared around the building, warning readers about “caretakers” in green. These signs mark the debut of Chad Campbell’s latest installation of tiny wire workers, doing their best to keep the building in shape. These workers--comprised of different found parts including telephone wire, discarded electrical plugs, and nails--are carefully hidden on all three floors. Trying to find them all is no easy task; they are not all looking to be found. Those hard at work don’t want to be bothered.


However, if you do happen upon one of these tiny workers, you might catch them hammering, drilling, or re-painting the walls. Some workers steady nails as big as their heads to be driven into walls, and others use headphone jacks as drills. One of Campbell’s personal favorites mimics the famous man breaking for lunch on a steel beam. His work is nothing if not clever.

IMG_1040 Can you find all of the workers? They’re hidden well, but it’s worth the search for a sculptural scavenger hunt. If like what you see, get excited for Chad Campbell's show in April, featured in the Speck Gallery foyer.