Your Porch Parties!

Sunday, July 10 was a gorgeous day for the 3rd annual city-wide Porch Party. Your stories and photos are starting to trickle in and we are loving the myriad ways you celebrated. So, if you haven't shared your story and pictures with us yet, please send them in. We still have several months of pleasant weather, so keep on porching!

Indianapolis Athletic Club Condos

"We hosted our first Porch Party on Sunday evening.  It was a Porch Party on the Roof.  It was a beautiful evening up there and we could see for miles.  15 people attended-a new family and residents who have lived here from the opening of the Athletic Club Condos. There was tasty food and a variety of drink offerings.  The age range was 7 to 70 and the conversation was lively-from politics to the new pictures in the gym.  We plan to host again next time and we always get a bigger crowd the second time around."

 iac porch party

Fountain Square

"The weather was perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon chatting with neighbors new & old!"

porch parties fountain square weger