April 2014: Cities and the Field

hyatt_still1 The Harrison Center presents Cities and the Field artist reception. Artist and composer Stuart Hyatt has created the first sonic map of the city of Indianapolis. Walking the length of Washington Street, a 20-mile nerve that touches nearly every component of city life, recording and mapping individual sounds and stories, he tries to uncover the multiple and often conflicting realities of modern life. Trained in the fields of architecture and urban design, Hyatt practices what he calls "minor planning", an experiential alternative to the typically top-down master planning attempts to shape our cities. Working collaboratively across the fields of ethnography, cartography, and urban design. Hyatt is sharing a street-level understanding of what it means to live in a constantly changing city. The map, along with an accompanying album, The National Road by FIELD WORKS and gallery exhibition will make their debut on April 4th.

Also in April, the City Gallery features T H R E A D - a love letter to Indianapolis. "THREAD seeks to shine light on the interconnectedness of Indianapolis. We believe narrating shared experience can encourage and sustain dialogue." In Gallery No. 2 - Four wide on the back stretch - new work by Kimber Shaw and Johnathan Baker. This new project of collaborative and individual studio work explores success, humor, and the relationship between boyhood and manhood in modern day America. Their collaborative work is a ten part photographic series that, along with the aforementioned subjects, literally separates the frame so that each piece is a visual diptych in which each figure relates to the other across the divide of the frames. Hank & Dolly's Gallery presents Herron School of Art + Design seniors Crystal France & Evan Hauser and their senior thesis shows in painting and ceramics. The Gallery Annex features photography by Andrew Hutchison.

The work hangs through April 25th.