February 2017: A Silent Night

AM2660-HCA_Feb17 A Silent Night Ad copy
AM2660-HCA_Feb17 A Silent Night Ad copy

The Harrison Center for the Arts presents A Silent Night with an artist reception from 6 to 9pm, Friday, February 3rd. The Harrison Gallery features A Silent Night, an exhibit of new work by Johnny McKee. From the artist: "Reflecting shared human experience is the intent of the artist. In this sense, this body of work shares the wonder and quiet of a clear night sky, the mystery of a misty dusk, and the internal silence of kept secrets."

The Speck Gallery presents Right of Sanctuary by Josh Rush. Plein air painter Rush writes, “The right of sanctuary goes back to ancient times. In places believed to be sacred—usually natural locations like hilltops or groves—an individual could take refuge, and the community recognized his right to stay there for a time. Entering fatherhood has been the most significant change in my life and as you can imagine has also changed my painting."

In the City Gallery, Quincy Owens’ new show, Structures Future Past explores concepts of structure and the built environment through a menagerie of 2D and 3D objects, found items and light-based art.

Painter Suzanne Dittenber’s I Want to Read You hangs in the Gallery Annex. "In my painting I inquire about the intersection, overlap, fusion, collision of representation and abstraction. Accuracy in drawing or representation is not my exclusive objective, but is offset by other aims … playfulness, for one, and the pursuit of undiluted instances of striking color interaction. Some of my favorite paintings are more about “wrongness” than rightness and I try to let a similar instinct lead in the studio."

In Hank & Dolly’s Gallery: The Stubborn Hope, a new series of paintings by Alicia Zanoni.

The work hangs through February 24.