January 2014: NEW

The Harrison Center for the Arts' first IDADA First Friday event of 2014 celebrates the new year with the aptly titled, NEW! In the Harrison Gallery, we are pleased to present new drawings and paintings by Herron School of Art + Design visiting lecturer, David Hicks. "My current body of work centers on the theme of personal wholeness and identity. I am interested in issues which I view to be spiritual: ideas of masculinity and femininity, generational inheritance, self-image, and disassociation—to name a few. I use the human figure alongside the still life to create a symbolic picture. These “pictures” are an attempt to give form to the complexity of the human soul, to inner pain, and ultimately—to inner healing." The Gallery Annex will feature work by Hicks' students Josh Haines, Andry Sichuga, Marietta Miller, Amy Applegate, Naomi Carr and Ryan Richmond.

Photographer, editor and creative director of Pattern Magazine, Polina Osherov brings her series, Beyond the Beard, to Gallery No. 2. Osherov set out to create a series of photographs of bearded men, but surprised the subjects by asking to photograph the contents of their wallets as well.

The City Gallery, which celebrates urban Indy with place-based art, presents Chapter XVI, Becoming a City - new work by Justin Vining. The artist says he drew much of his inspiration for this show from a history of Indianapolis book published in 1910 from which the title was taken.

In Hank & Dolly's Gallery - HCA artist Chad Campbell's Trash, Tools and Delusions of Grandeur.

Chattanooga residents Emmett Gienapp and Jason Moore are the first 48 hour residents of the Sound Cave. Working from a hidden studio space within the Harrison Center, they will learn about Indianapolis from First Friday attendees, then explore and react to Indianapolis based on those interactions.

The work hangs through January 31st.

In the Gym - Start the Car, the Brooklyn, NYC based multimedia storytelling series, brings their first show to Indianapolis. The theme is Comebacks. Start the Car is a rotating lineup of local storytellers that offer non-fiction and fictionalized stories based around a loose theme. Artists are encouraged to use sound, video, images, collaboration with other artists, and any other modes to creatively enhance the narrative. This will be the fourth installment of the series, and the first in Indianapolis. For more information about Start the Car and past events, visit. www.startthecar.org.