July 2014: Porch Party

porchcrop Friday, July 4th, the Harrison Center for the Arts and City Gallery invite you to come hang out on our porch! Gather with friends on the “porch” of the City Gallery, then come inside and check out the group show, “Porch Party” including work (maybe a porch swing or two) by Matthew Osborn, Dave Freeman, Kyle Ragsdale, Nathan Foxton and Elyce Elder. City Gallery is encouraging you to follow our lead and have your own porch party on Sunday, July 13th. More information here.


The Harrison Gallery hosts an other-worldly exhibit of paintings and sculpture by Bobby Gilbreath. This body of work explores the atmosphere and life forms on the planet, Flora, “a discovered planet teeming with life.”   Gilbreath’s association with the Harrison Center goes back to his days as a Herron High School student and HCA intern whose first exhibit was in the Center’s Gallery Annex. Now an HCA studio artist, he says of his work:

One’s fascination with nature is universal. We adore, worship, and stand in awe of nature. We come from it, and eventually we return to it. It provides us with some of the most beautiful phenomena. However, these phenomena are no rare occurrence. We encounter them all the time, though we are too caught up in human drama and fail to recognize them. Think of mountains and cracks in the sidewalk, of the cells of a virus and the image of far off solar systems, of synapses, lightning, fungi, smoke, the bark of a tree, of a flock of birds, of oil, the pattern of water, the pattern of natural growth. This organic, invisible pattern that guides everything is of utmost importance to my work. And I strive to bring light to it; whether in the details or as the end all.

In Hank & Dolly’s Gallery - Silent Strength - Yasmine Kasem’s work is centered around her cultural ties to the Middle East and the US, the similarities in the issues they share concerning women and how they are viewed by each culture.

Gallery No. 2 features Searching the Imaginary - paintings by Marna Shopoff.

Also that night only, Indiana native Blake Carrington, now based in Brooklyn, will premiere a new audio/visual performance piece developed during a one week HCA residency.

The work hangs through July 25th.

With support from: Urban Times, Indianapolis Downtown, Inc., ArtPlace America, the Arts Council of Indianapolis, the Indiana Arts Commission, INHP, Christel DeHaan Family Foundation, Allen Whitehill Clowes Foundation, the Indianapolis Foundation, Sun King Brewery and Amy McAdams Design.