November 2015: Waiting & Watching


The Harrison Center for the Arts is proud to present "Waiting & Watching," new work by HCA studio artist and Harrison Gallery curator, Kyle Ragsdale. Known for his romantic figures, often in colorful, period costumes, Ragsdale explains that after a year where he experienced a great deal of personal loss, he found his work changing to reflect his mood. This body of work is a marked shift from previous shows, both in color and tone. One immediately notices the ominous gray skies, turbulent clouds and people, both alone and in groups, waiting for something. The subjects in these paintings find themselves mostly on beaches or in long-abandoned, post-industrial spaces. There is a loneliness, an ambiguity in the waiting, but also a hopefulness of something to come. This show will feature over 50 new works, both oil paintings and drawings in the Harrison Gallery and Annex.

The City Gallery presents "Embracing Our City: Through the Eyes of Courtland Blade." In contrast with his previous work that explored “non-places and places that have a generic quality,” in this show, Blade focuses specifically on urban Indy, embracing the parts of the city that he most enjoys.

Gallery No. 2 features work by contemporary impressionist painter, author and public speaker Addie Hirschten. “Vanitas” is inspired by Dutch still life paintings of the 17th century. “The paintings gathered for this show depict impermanent objects like flowers, fruits and trees. They are intended to serve as reminders for us to savor each moment and be thankful.”

Hank & Dolly’s Gallery features “Strangers,” by portrait illustrator and Herron School of Art + Design student, Tom Day.

The work hangs through November 27.

Also that night: HCA resident singer/songwriter Brandon Lott performs place-based music that celebrates urban Indianapolis.

With support from: the Arts Council of Indianapolis, the Indiana Arts Commission, Christel DeHaan Family Foundation, Allen Whitehill Clowes Foundation, the Indianapolis Foundation, Sun King Brewery, and Amy McAdams Design.

Member, IDADA (Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association),