October 2014: a conduit to a free surface

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The Harrison Center for the Arts is pleased to welcome back former HCA studio artist Tyler Meuninck for a solo exhibit in the Harrison Gallery, a conduit to a free surface. A native of South Bend Indiana, he attended the Herron School of Art and Design where he earned a Bachelor of fine Arts Degree in Painting and Drawing. He recently earned an MA in painting from the Peck School of the Arts, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

"In this series, painting is used to exhibit some qualities in recognition of steam omitting from factories and weather conditions that are common throughout Northern industrial cities that have continued to retain a long appreciation for a sense of workmanship. The work is created through a combination of traditional practices and from some disconnection to common painting tropes. I look for a kinship between oil painting and some of nature’s fluctuating climate through brushwork and exaggerated thickness to express some activity relative to local atmospheric conditions. In this way, paint is given the permission to create a portrait of itself as well as express some gratitude for an ordinary sense of place."

In the City Gallery - A City to Live, new work by Jed Dorsey.  When Dorsey and his wife, Renae moved to Indianapolis he says, “We were hoping to find 'a city where we could live,' to quote an ancient song (Ps. 107:7). And we have found that. Unlike where we came from, it is affordable and family-friendly. But the title also speaks of the longing for Indianapolis itself to really 'live'; to be alive, to be healed, to be full of hope, joy, and peace. And so, for this city's life we long, and pray, and wait, and work."

In Gallery No. 2 - There and Back Again. Indianapolis-based brothers Jason Dorsey and Jed Dorsey come together for a special family exhibit of their art with work by their artist parents Jack and Ann Dorsey and sister, April Nelson.

Also that night, A Man and A Canoe Called Joe, Adventures and Trials on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.  Geoff Davis spent 6 weeks on an unsupported solo canoe trip across the Northern Forests of the Northeast to collect material and experiences for his next carved bird series. At 7pm across from the Harrison Gallery, he will share stories and future plans associated with his expedition on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.

The Underground features work by HCA studio artist Susan Hodgin, who lost her battle with cancer on August 22, 2014.



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