September 2016: The Universal Anthology

AM2653-HCA_Sept16The Universal Anthology Poster copy
AM2653-HCA_Sept16The Universal Anthology Poster copy

We think we know it all, don’t we? Kipp Normand’s “The Universal Anthology,” opening in the Harrison Gallery September 2nd, is inspired by "all those 19th century textbooks, world’s fairs, Manifest Destiny, the march of progress, and everything we’ve always told ourselves makes us so darn great. His new work incorporates particular specimens from his collection and presents them for you to draw your own conclusions. The Universal Anthology is dedicated to the notion that while we may think we’ve got it down, there’s a whole lot we don’t know."

The City Gallery is pleased to present "City Prairie," new work by painter Amy Falstrom Known for her lush, abstracted landscapes, this show’s work is inspired by the sustainable garden just south of downtown Indianapolis.

In the Speck Gallery (formerly Gallery No. 2), painter Rachel Steely and jewelry maker Allison Ford (Studio AMF) have created "Moths Alight, Butterflies in Flight," a unique pairing of paintings and wood and metal jewelry inspired by the winged insect world.

In Hank & Dolly’s Gallery, Quincy Owens' and Luke Crawley’s "2058: the first September without ice" is coming straight from its appearance on the Canal, where it will be featured as part of the InLightIN Festival. Made of steel, fiberglass and color-changing LED lights, the iceberg installation speaks to the role humans play in climate change.

Throughout the building, the Harrison Center’s 36 artists open their studios and invite the public in for a close-up look at where and how they work.

The work hangs through September 30.