2nd Annual Mother Artist Market


Erin Hüber started the Mother Artist Project (MAP) in January of 2014 soon after the death of her grandmother, one of her favorite people and a prime example to her of what a mother could and should be. "As much as I admired her and her ability to handle everything with grace, I caught myself in much more difficult situations, like being a single mother." says Hüber. While her friends were graduating from art school, she was changing diapers and painting from an easel in the corner. She quickly realized that art school was not conducive to single parents, but she continued to make art on her own. Soon she would start hearing the question "How did you make art and raise kids?"

From that - MAP was born. "I feel it is important to give a voice to this category of not only women, but artists. Their journey is inspirational and important and worthy of pointing out."

The journey from the very first MAP show at the Harrison Center for the Arts to now has been an exciting one. From the very beginning, Hüber has been passionate about the topic of the mother artist. That passion has carried on to other adventures like the MAP Market held last May, a mother/child collaboration exhibit, a photography show of images that she's taken during interviews of the mother artists in their studios, and now artist talks, workshops, a spring show at Healing Indy Arts and a Nanny Service for local mother artists here in the Harrison Center.

"My dream for MAP is to inspire and encourage other women, particularly  mother artists to pursue their dreams no matter their situation. To build a community of support - as it takes a village to raise a child." she says.

The 2nd annual Mother Artist Market takes place Friday, May 6 from 6 to 10pm in the Underground at the Harrison Center.