48 Hour Resident Hannah Kaminer


Listen to 48-hour resident Hannah Kaminer’s new tune “Come Alive” here.

Straight out of the heart of Appalachia, singer/songwriter Hannah Kaminer made her way north through the eastern Tennessee Smokies, past Louisville horse country, across the Mason-Dixon, and into Indiana where she reached the city that would be her home for the next 48 hours: Indianapolis.

“I had been to Indianapolis before as a kid, and I visited a few of Indy’s museums,” Kaminer said, “but I didn’t really remember the city. I think I was expecting a pretty industrial city with lots of trains and transportation, not a city with such a rich history.”

Throughout the couple of days that Kaminer spent exploring Indy, what impressed her most were the serious investments that she saw people making into the city, particularly through their time and energy. “The city seemed to me to have a kind of crispness to it,” she explained. “It moved at a slower pace than I expected, mostly because I saw people spending time with each other, and not just in a hurry.”

Part of Kaminer’s internship consisted of Indianapolis tours conducted by other HCA interns who are Indy natives. While she found the tours to be interesting, she slowly realized something profound. “My tours of Indy were excellent, but the interesting thing was that my guides couldn’t tell me the city’s whole story,” explained Kaminer. “What each person was telling me instead, was the story of why they love Indianapolis, how they had come to be there, and what they saw as their role in the city’s story.”

Kaminer’s “Come Alive” tells the story of our city calling out to us to bring it to life. “There is something incredibly redemptive about ownership, both literal and figurative ownership,” Kaminer said, “and I saw that happening in the neighborhoods I visited in Indianapolis.”