Intern Lunch at the HCA

Not many organizations pour time and energy into their interns the way the Harrison Center does. The best example of this is the intern lunch we host here every Wednesday afternoon. There’s always delicious food like Yats, India Garden, South of Chicago or Datsa Pizza. We also have prepared topics of conversation about the Enneagram, (i.e. how a workspace is affected by personality types) what makes a cultural entrepreneur, (see a need, take a risk, leverage resources, invest energy, network to build culture in the city) or a guest speaker will talk about a project or what makes them successful.


To me the most meaningful aspect of these lunches, however, is not the food or even the topics of conversation, but the opportunity to commune with others who are in a similar time of life. Almost everyone who attends is still trying to decide what direction they want to work toward and how they want to contribute to their community. In this we are all connected. Whether it be where to go to college, what direction to take our studies, or what jobs to take, we’re all in a state of transition and decision making. The other great part of this is that not everyone works at the Harrison Center. We also welcome interns from surrounding businesses and organizations like Art Mix (formerly VSA Indiana), Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, LISC, Pattern, King Park Development Corporation, Herron High School, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, the Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee, Nottingham Realty, etc. In this way we’re interacting not only with those we see every day, but we’re forming relationships with people who are right next door or around the corner. We can rejoice at others’ accomplishments and be inspired by how others are using their talents and interests (or maybe be motivated by a bit of healthy competition); but most of all we can rest assured that everyone else is equally unsure of what to be when they grow up. Though this may be true, in all our careers we will in some capacity strive to be more equipped to benefit the community and each other.