Amy Falstrom: Into an Unbridled Nature


“Wherever I lived, I was always looking at landscapes, and feeling the temperature and the weather,” said artist Amy Falstrom.

The flowers have bloomed with bright petals, the trees have greened with their new leaves, and the ground, rich with the nutrients of a fallow winter, now must be tamed lest it overwhelm us after each rain shower. This month in the Harrison Gallery, and in the spirit of the warmer months, Amy Falstrom presents her latest body of work entitled Weather Polyphony.

“There are sort of two themes running through this show,” Falstrom explained. “There’s this lighter theme of weather, and then there are a few paintings that stem from a body of work called ‘Feral Places.’ In these pieces, I wanted to create a really personal approach. Instead of thinking of a real place, or the real feeling of a place, I wanted to create a sort of feral approach to painting where the color is very subjective, and the space is kind of ambiguous. To me, this is a feeling I love about nature…the feeling that I’m just floating.”

 FullSizeRender copy

Falstrom’s work reaches beyond what is objectively seen, and reaches a world that is all her own. The colors and the ambiguities sing in congruous fashion, but with different voices surrounding a common melody. The words spoken by her work are new with every glance.


“There is this theme that I see in my work that comes from the ordinary in my life,” Falstrom said, “but in this show, I really tried to focus on a very personal reaction to being outside. Each of my paintings is a singular attempt to express this nature of a place.”


Amy Falstrom’s work has many voices, and they all sing harmoniously from a single plane. Come and see her show this month in the Harrison Gallery.