Re-star-a-tion by Chad Campbell and John(ny) McKee


Reclaimed, acrylic on reclaimed wood

Re-star-ation- the process of looking up, resulting in slowed breathing, deeper peace, and a new way of seeing the world.

There’s nothing quite so intriguing as the mind of an artist. What sets the trajectory of his or her thinking? What force of conceptualization allows for his or her sort of ex nihilo creativity? Is a whole other world in his or her hands? And better yet, what happens when his world become intermingled with that of another artist? We will soon find out.


This month, Harrison Center artists John(ny) McKee and Chad Campbell have come together in collaboration with a common goal in mind: the “re-star-ation” of the circle city. This title, which stems from the stars of McKee’s paintings and the recent renovations of the Harrison Gallery conducted by Campbell, captures their show’s visual essence. Laden with the purpose of drawing their viewers to a fresh vantage point of their city and their neighborhoods, and crafted from repurposed lath from the recent Harrison Gallery renovation, Re-star-ation is sure to set your eyes toward the skies.


So during the 14th annual Independent Music + Art Festival, be sure to step inside the City Gallery. Cool off a bit and let the work of McKee and Campbell restore your imagination of what our city is and what it could be.