River's Edge, Doug Jesch


Definition: a chill place to bro-out, bro-down, or even have a bromance. There will be a table somewhere designated only for making art, well maybe a few tables with all kinds of tools, trinkets and everything else one might need to create a masterpiece. Synonyms: chill spot, bromfy, mancave.

Bric-a-Bracket 2, Brian Allee

This month in the Harrison Gallery, the group show, Bromosphere, is not to be missed. Made up of some of the best bros we know, Brian Allee, Brian Presnell, Doug Jesch, Tom Peck, Brian Phillips, Kipp Normand, Johnny McKee and Chris DePrez brought their "A" game and we couldn't be happier.

Vinyl Plate, Chris DePrez

The show hangs through August 25, so hurry over to the Harrison Gallery. We are open 9-5, Monday through Friday.