The Underground Gallery: New Feel to a Familiar Space

Toni Ardizzone creating a piece for the Tenets Exhibition

I believe exhibiting work is a vital part of being an artist; curating is a professional activity I engage in to celebrate and strengthen the expression of my community. Earlier this year, I approached the Harrison Center staff and requested to use the Underground as a regular rotating gallery, with the intent to use the space to serve the community of artists that have studios here. I want to work with local talent and provide a ground to push practices and work through exhibition ideas. I think it is necessary to bring in artists from a broader community and keep Indianapolis in dialogue with the national arts scene.

The show to kick off the Underground Gallery is titled ‘Tenets’ which connects and celebrates the 100 artists that have had studios in the Harrison Center, and will be up until the end of August.

Ben Cusack and Kipp Normand helping with the install of Tenets

Playing off of the word "tenant," I wanted to put together a show that celebrated the HCA’s community of artists and what they bring to the table. I value when a community is self-nurturing, and that a place in memory can be something that is returned to when an artist needs to be revitalized. The journey of putting this show together was rapid and was in conjunction with improving display in the basement, which brought to the forefront a desire I had to connect past artists of the HCA with ones currently in residence. I believe it is important for artists just starting off to see other artists that have been in their position and artists in stride to give back to their creative roots. This is not a one way street of course, as there can be a plethora of life giving communication that happens in an active, open community.

Tenets opening, First Friday of July