Bus 5

"Bus 5," written and recorded by Michael Williams (featuring Luke Crawley)

Indygo’s Route 5 bus weaves its way through the city, on a path that stretches from the Transit Center in the middle of the city all the way up to 39th street. Those who frequent the 5 on their daily commute may have noticed changes along the stretch of East 16th Street that the bus travels. Each day sees a new brick placed, a new letter painted, another light on.

In the last few years, many new developments have appeared on 16th Street between Delaware Street and Dr. Andrew J. Brown Avenue. First were the complementary blue and orange buildings of Foundry Provisions and Nottingham Realty, followed by Tinker Coffee Company, which all face the historic Greg’s Bar.


Further down the road, Tinker Street--16th Street’s previous name--opened its doors. This restaurant serves delicious, locally sourced meals with year-round outdoor seating. Further east, is the Monon 16 neighborhood. Abandoned buildings have been replaced by new apartments, offices, restaurants, and other businesses.

The Monon Lofts, Nottingham Auto Sales, and Tinker House--an event space as well as a distillery and coffee shop--are just a few developments to join the already well-established Flower Hut and True Victory Church, and more will be moving in soon. Just across the road, is the old John Hope School #26, now occupied by the Oaks Academy Middle School.

This stretch of 16th Street is growing and changing every day. Soon the streets will be lined with offices, restaurants, and businesses, and the 5 will be a great way to access it all. Take a ride and see what we mean.