The Proletariat


workers or working-class people, regarded collectively

Tyler Mueninck's solo exhibit, The Proletariat, is a series of work procured from a visual journal of photographs and drawings, that include modern, candid, and traditional painting configurations.

Meuninck creates paintings of often overlooked regional panoramas photographed in transit from Milwaukee to neighboring locations and states. The exhibit includes paintings from Indianapolis as well as port cities located near Lake Michigan. Paintings are made with with an appreciation and curiosity for an unnameable, though identifiable industrial presence connected to the communities throughout the midwest.

"My studio practice adheres loosely to the credo of some midcentury abstractionists and a few early and late modernists, that 'It is not what you paint but how it is painted.' Paint, in a sense, is the active ingredient that carries and displays a portrait of its own actions. Each work, like the landscape it depicts, may reveal an unnameable but identifiable character, a portrait of place. The works as a whole describe my appreciation for the oceanic panorama of the cities around Lake Michigan." says Meuninck.

Meuninck resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He attended the Herron School of Art and Design, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, and further received a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. You can see the new work in the Harrison Gallery anytime between 9am-5pm through October 27th.